12 Low Carb Breads for the Ketogenic Diet

low carb ketogenic bread

When you’re on a strict-low carb diet, you tend to miss high-carb foods – especially bread. It’s unfortunate that bread is so carb-heavy, because it’s the perfect way to consume fats like butter and oil. As a wise chef once said, “carbs are just fat delivery vehicles”.

But all hope is not lost!

To alleviate these diet woes, keto warriors fortunately have the option of low-carb bread alternatives such as paleo bread.

In this article, we have curated some of the best low-carb breads and bread alternatives that will help you achieve ideal ketone levels without sacrificing bread entirely.

Where can I find low-carb bread?

Although the popularity of these strict low-carb diets continue to rise with the help of social media and other mediums, finding the right foods to replace high-carb favorites can be extremely difficult. If you’re a ketogenic dieter, there are three main ways to get your hands on low-carb bread:

  1. Make your own bread
  2. Purchase fully-baked ones in specialty bakeries
  3. Buy pre-made bread mixes from grocery stores

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Low Carb Bread

Making your own low-carb bread is ideal for ketogenic dieters who love putting their own spin on food and ensure the freshness and quality of the bread. We have scoured all over the internet to put together some of the yummiest and most nutritious low-carb bread recipes to satisfy your bread craving.


  • The Low-Carb Bread Let’s start off this list with the ultimate low-carb bread recipe. If you’re looking for a simple bread recipe that’s mildly crisp on the outside and beautifully moist and soft on the inside, this one is perfect for you! This recipe is a moderately low-carb rating with only 5% carbs, 16% protein, and 70% fat. The best thing about this recipe is that it is fairly flexible and can be served in so many ways. You can cut the bread in half and smear it with butter, or you can serve it freshly-baked, straight out of the oven.


  • Keto Garlic Bread If you want a quick and easy recipe to satisfy your bread craving fast, you might want to try out this savory 6-ingredient garlic bread that is specifically created for ketogenic dieters. All you need to make this recipe is 15 minutes and 6 ingredients: eggs, baking powder, lemon juice, garlic, almond nut butter, and salt to taste. You can serve this recipe with eggs and parsley if you’re feeling creative.


  • Almond Flour Paleo Bread Almond flour is a very healthy alternative to regular flour when making bread and other pastries. Aside from being a low-carb ingredient, almond flour is grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and yeast-free. Almond flour is certainly a favorite; one consumer even claimed, “… this is one of the best I tried so far.” This healthy bread recipe requires a lot of ingredients that can’t be found in your local grocery stores, but don’t fret just yet because you can find most of these on Amazon. You can serve this alone or as a sandwich with your favorite meats and spreads.


  • Gluten-Free and Low-Carb Bread Rolls The best thing about this gluten-free and low-carb bread recipe is that you can actually pass these off as regular bread. They rise like actual dough and even smell and look like your average baker’s bread. What sets this recipe apart from the others is the use of psyllium husk powder, which binds all the ingredients together in a dough-like mixture. The powder also provides a lot of health benefits– improves digestion, suppresses appetite, and cleanses your body internally. You can purchase this ingredient from several sources online like iherb.com and Amazon.


  • Fluffy Sunflower Bread If you want something that’s savory, light, and tastes like whole-grain or rye bread, you can try this amazing fluffy sunflower bread recipe. Although this recipe is not for everybody, considering the difficulty of preparation and gathering of ingredients, it is perfect for ketogenic dieters who want to try something new for their taste palette. You may serve this with a light smear of butter, Greek yogurt or your favorite low-carb spread. Watch the video tutorial here!


  • Low-Carb Burger Bun Beginner ketogenic dieters often miss high-carb fast foods such as hamburgers. The good news is that you don’t have to deprive yourself of this. There are so many keto burger recipes online to satisfy your craving. Now, a nice low-carb burger wouldn’t be complete without a supple and soft bun that can still support its filling. This low-carb burger bun recipe offers all that and more! You can pop these buns inside the microwave or oven for a warm, filling treat!


Fully-Baked Low-Carb Bread

There are several specialty bakeries available online and offline where you can purchase fully-baked low-carb bread. This option is ideal for ketogenic dieters who don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen and prepare their own low-carb bread. To save you the hassle of choosing where to get your low-carb bread, we have made a list of bakeries that offer only the best. And the best part is, you can shop most of these on their very own online platforms.


  • La Tortilla If you’re all about Mexican tortillas with only 3 grams of carbohydrates, La Tortilla is the place for you. Their low-carb and non-GMO tortillas are made of whole wheat and contain 32% of your daily needed fiber. These tortillas also pack a very tasty flavor and crumble-free texture.


  • Great Low-Carb Bread Company After subtracting the dietary fiber in these amazingly delicious low-carb bread, you get only 1-3 grams of carbohydrates! Great Low-Carb Bread Company has an incredible selection of bread. These include bagels, pumpernickel, white bread, and low-carb hamburger buns. Their bread products are famous for their wonderful texture and outstanding flavor.


  • ThinSlim Bread ThinSlim Bread offers a ton of flavors for their delectable bread and other low-carb pastries, such as pizzas, muffins, and cookies. Whether it’s cinnamon, honey, or rye-flavored sliced bread, you’ll be able to enjoy these treats minus the guilt. Each slice of bread packs 50 calories and a mere 1 gram of carbs! How’s that for a ketogenic lunch?

Pre-Made Bread Mixes

If you want to try making your own bread, but don’t want to go through all the hassle of choosing the right low-carb ingredients, you may want to try baking with pre-made bread mixes that are mostly store-bought. You can also find these products online. Here we have compiled some of the best pre-made bread mixes that you can purchase from your local grocery store (subject to availability).


  • Keto Bread Machine Mix. With only 3 grams of carbohydrates per slice, Keto Bread Machine Mix is easily one of the best pre-made bread mixes you can buy in grocery stores. You can serve it as pizza dough, sandwiches, bagels, and much more! Keto Bread Machine Mixes are also loaded with soy protein as an added health benefit. These mixes retail for less than $7 each.


  • Atkins Bake Mix. The Atkins Bake Mix is a 100% wheat-free alternative to traditional bread and pastry mixes. Per serving, you only get 3 grams of carbohydrates. You can also make other pastries with the Atkins Bake Mix such as pancakes, muffins, and even fried chicken! As the brand name suggests, Atkins Bake Mix is ideal for people who are on the Atkins diet but don’t be fooled. The Atkins diet shares a lot of things in common with the Ketogenic diet. This particular bake mix retails for $8.95.


  • Carbolite Low Carb Bread Mix. This brand of low carb bread mix is perfect for ketogenic dieters who have their very own bread machines. They also work fairly well in traditional ovens. Enjoy two fulfilling loaves of low-carb bread guilt-free with each box. This mix is high in protein and contains only a couple grams of carbs for every slice. Carbolite also offers a wide variety of bread mix flavors and formulas for other yummy yet low-carb pastries and desserts. It retails for $2.99-$8.99.


There’s a reason why bread is considered a staple in so many countries. Sadly, for people on ketogenic and other strict low-carb diets, replacing a well-loved food can be distressing. We hope this handy guide on how and where to find nutritious low-carb bread fills your ketogenic souls and bodies and satisfies your cravings!

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