Keto Grocery List #2: For the Pescatarians ($10.57 per day)

ketogenic grocery list low carb meals for pescatarians

Staying keto is relatively easy if you’re open to eating a lot of animal products.

It’s hard when you not only restrict carbs in your diet, but also fat- and protein-rich staples such as meat.

And if you’re pescatarian?

Even harder.

Luckily for pescatarians, there are a ton of great keto-friendly meals out there!

We’ve broken down the carb counts for a week’s worth of pescatarian meals below, and added in cost per item and per meal, so you can easily modulate this diet for your needs.

Use these lists as the starting point to set up your pantry for success.

We hope you enjoy…


To add to our first article on keto-friendly meal plans for meat eaters, we’re ratcheting up the restrictions a notch. Pescatarians easily hit their protein and fat goals to better their life.

This meal plan is largely designed for preparing ahead of time in relatively quick cooking sessions. Most meals are easily prepared in 20-30 minutes and can be stored.

In order to keep an eye on costs (time and financial), we’ve made this plan fairly repetitive. This makes the best use of your time as you prepare one meal for re-use.

It’s also more cost-effective, since buying a ton of different types of fish and cheese gets pricey pretty quickly.

We assume that you already have basic spices and oils in your home. If you’d like to add things like MCT Oil to your meals, be sure to get some.

This meal plan comes out to $74, or $10.57 per day.

The most expensive meal is just $4 per serving, and the carbiest we go is 11.6 grams of carbs in a meal.



Item Cost Carbs/Serving in Grams Serving Size
1 box of spinach or spinach/baby kale mix $5 1.1 1 cup
1 onion $1 1.75 1/8 large onion
1 tub cherry tomatoes $3 2.9 1/2 cup
Green beans $3 3.8 10 long beans
4 avocadoes $5 6.4 1/2 cup
Animal Products
1 dozen eggs $4.50 0.4 1 egg
1 tub feta $5 1.5 1/4 cup
Kerrygold unsalted butter 5 0 19g
4 pack of tuna cans 3 0 1/2 can
1 box salmon burgers 5.5 1 1 burger
1 bag shrimp 12 0 4 oz
Dry Goods
Mixed nuts 10 7.1 1/4 cup
Nori 5 1 15 sheets
Frozen Goods
Fake bacon 7 2 2 strips
Total $74
Average per day $11



All of these meals are relatively easy and quick. Basic instructions are next to each meal. If you don’t know how to cook green beans, you can always use Google. But really, just pan fry them in butter until you like their consistency – the butter will ensure you get enough fat, and also make everything taste delicious.


Meal Cost per meal Carbs
Two-Egg Omlette (2 days) Cook the eggs how you like them in a buttered pan. Add finely chopped cherry tomatoes and feta. I prefer to put my omelette on top of a bed of raw spinach, but you could also cook your spinach into your omelette! Add salt and pepper to taste.
2 eggs $0.75 0.8
1 cup spinach $0.33 1.1
1/4 cup feta $1 1.5
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes $0.50 2.9
Butter (for the pan) $0.15 0
Totals $2.73 6.3
Fake Bacon, Eggs, Avocado (2 days)
Eggs x 2 $0.75 0.8 Cook the eggs how you like them in a buttered pan. Follow the directions on the Morningstar bacon box. Serve with 1/4 avocado sliced on top.
2 Morningstar Bacon Strips $1.75 2
1/4 Avocado $0.31 3.2
Butter (for the pan) $0.15 0
Totals $2.96 6
Bulletproof Coffee (3 days)
Coffee in pantry 0 Brew your coffee, black. Stir in your melted butter. Skip the sugar and creamer!
Kerrygold unsalted butter (1/12 bar) $0.41 0
Totals 0.41 0
Protein Salad Bomb (3 days)
2 cups spinach $0.66 2.2 Hard boil an egg and then chop it up. Then mix your tuna, chopped egg, feta, salt, pepper, oil, and balsamic. When you’re ready to eat, place over a bed of spinach and enjoy!
1/2 can tuna $0.35 0
1 hard boiled egg $0.38 0.4
1/2 tbsp Balsamic vinegar in pantry 1.4
Olive Oil in pantry 0
1/4 cup feta $1 1.5
Totals $2.39 5.5
Salmon Burgers with Green Beans (4 days)
Salmon burger x 1 $1.37 1 Cook the salmon burger per the package in butter. Then cook your green beans in a well-buttered pan and sprinkle with garlic salt. Then eat it!
Green beans x 10 $0.75 3.8
Butter $0.41 0
Garlic Salt in pantry 0
Totals $2.53 4.8
Shrimp-Stuffed Avocado (4 days)
4 oz shrimp $2 0 Cook the onion. Meanwhile, toss the shrimp and chopped cherry tomatoes in egg. Add these into the pan. Add in soy sauce, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper to taste. Serve over 1/2 avocado.
1/8 onion $0.10 1.75
1/2 Avocado $0.62 6.4
Cayenne pepper in pantry 0
1/2 tsp soy sauce in pantry 0.15
1/2 egg (per serving) $0.38 0.4
Cherry tomatoes (1/2 cup) $0.50 2.9
Totals $4 11.6
Tuna Melt with Avocado (3 days)
1/2 can tuna $0.35 0 Cook the onion. Heat up the tuna. Cut the avocado and cherry tomatoes. Mix all of that up with some salt and pepper, and serve over a bed of spinach. Add shredded cheddar cheese for a bonus! That easy.
1/8 onion $0.10 1.75
1/4 avocado $0.32 3.2
1 cup of spinach $0.03 1.1
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes $0.50 1.9
Totals $1.30 7.95

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