Beta Hydroxybutyrate Exogenous Ketones

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These pure BHB exogenous ketones are perfect for anyone trying to get into ketosis and stay there. If you’re looking to lose weight, increase focus, or just feel better, you need these ketones.

  •  Keep energy levels high
  •  Stay productive while in ketosis
  •  Get into ketosis faster
  •  Avoid the keto flu

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Pure Ketones Perform Better.

There are four reasons why Ketogenic Fire Exogenous Ketones work so well.

These four reasons make these exogenous ketones different from others on the market.

Here are those reasons:

Reason #1: No fillers, sweeteners (like Stevia) or other junk
Ketogenic Fire Exogenous Ketones are made from pure beta-hydroxybuterate (BHB). We believe that it’s up to you how you want to consume your ketones, so we give them to you straight-up. That means….

  •  No artificial coloring
  •  No artificial flavors
  •  No animal byproducts
  •  No preservatives

Reason #2: Pay only $2.85 per serving
That’s about the same as a cup of coffee at starbucks, but with a much higher energy payoff.

Reason #3: No risk — satisfaction guaranteed
You can try out these exogenous ketones without any financial risk at all. Go ahead and order a case of these ketones by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. Try a couple servings as part of your daily routine and keep a close eye on your blood ketone levels and energy levels. At that point, if you are truly unhappy with these ketones, send the rest back and I will return your payment quickly and quietly without question. Just pay the shipping costs and include your order number in the return, and I will refund your credit card or bank account as soon as the return is received.

Reason #4: Bundle and save
To save even more money, we offer “wholesale pricing” for smaller quantities of ketones that most other companies don’t offer to regular buyers. Order two cases and we’ll discount your order. Order three cases and we’ll discount your order even more. Order four cases and we’ll give you an even steeper discount. And so on and so forth.

**Each case contains 250g of BHB salts, or roughly 17 servings